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The Right Way To Pack Breakables: Tips from a Brooklyn Moving Company Expert

There are many Brooklyn moving companies to choose from. Expert advice from movers in Brooklyn is that you need to be well prepared before you start packing. You can have your home contents professionally packed, but you’ll be packing like an expert in no time, with these useful tips.

Safeguard your Breakables with Brooklyn Movers

Handle With Care

Your Chinaware, glasses, mirrors, delicate furniture and objects made from marble, are all breakable. (As are items such as your plasma television, lamps, art, framed photographs, and ornamental objects.) If breakable items are not cushioned, or protected, during your move, they can easily be damaged, scratched or be completely broken.


In fact, you may consider buying third party movers insurance, if you have particularly valuable, or fragile, items. The room that poses the biggest challenge is your kitchen as it contains the largest number of fragile goods. It will also take the longest time to pack up. Give yourself plenty of time.

What Boxes Do You Need?

You have to use boxes that are strong enough to support the weight of the goods you are packing. Dinnerware can be especially heavy, as are crockery dishes, like casserole pots, and serving platters. You need to choose small, medium, and bigger boxes, too. Brooklyn moving company experts says the general rule of thumb is – the heavier the item, the smaller the box.


You also need to make sure that the weight of the object will be supported. It will be a disaster if the box breaks when it is lifted. You can reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape, but the box should be quite sturdy, to begin with.

You Need Special Packing Material

Movers in Brooklyn recommend that you don’t use newspaper because the ink will stain your objects. You should rather use special packing paper, bubble wrap, old clothing, sheets, and towels, to protect your goods.


You can also buy foam peanuts, and use balls of paper as packing material.  Fragile items need to be packed securely in boxes, so they will not move around, and bump into each other, inside the box, during the move.

Double Bubble

For especially fragile items, movers in Brooklyn, suggest the Double Bubble. You can add an extra layer of protection to high-risk goods. Wrap items in a second large sheet of bubble wrap and secure with packing tape, before you place the object into the box.


Larger items can also be ‘double bubbled’ with bubble wrap, or two layers of padding, for example, wrapped around your plasma. Brooklyn moving companies also offer to make you custom wooden crates, that you can use to pack good into. (Crates are much stronger than boxes.)

Place Your Breakables In Boxes & Label

Objects must be packed according to their weight, and size. Heavier objects always need to be packed first, in the bottom of the box. You should pack your plates vertically, and not in stacks. The weight will be more evenly distributed in the box – the plates won’t be pressing down on each other. Record Albums should also be packed horizontally, to stop them cracking.


Your movers in Brooklyn will need to see which boxes are fragile – remember to clearly label your boxes. Fragile goods will be handled with extra care, and more carefully secured, in the moving van.



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