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Room-by-room packing hacks for New Yorkers

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    Whether you are moving interstate or downtown, relocation is not an easy process. It requires a lot of planning and organizing from packing your stuff to moving itself. No matter whether you are an organized person or not, it’s always good to have some help around. Luckily, TB Moving & Storage NYC can help you make your relocation easier especially when moving across New York City. With our local movers, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our team will provide you with a strong moving plan, packing supplies, and storage if necessary in order to reduce your stress levels. We all know how daunting a process packing can be, but with our movers and packers, you don’t have to even worry about packing itself. Stay with us and find out more about room-by-room packing hacks that will make your relocation an enjoyable process.

    General pre-packing hacks

    Make a plan
    Plan your move and start packing as soon as possible

    To ensure successful packing you should follow some basic rules that will prevent you from making some of the most common mistakes.

    • Start packing as soon as possible – Time is precious, so make sure you start packing on time. Don’t wait for the last minute, you’ll only be under pressure and you won’t be able to pack your belongings properly. Not to mention how frustrating it is going to be to pack as the moving day comes closer.
    • Make a plan – A good plan is half of the work done. Decide where to start from packing and create a moving calendar day by day to track your progress.
    • Create a home inventory list – With an inventory list, you’ll keep track of your belongings. You may not realize how many things you actually possess before creating the list. If you don’t know how to make an inventory list, our professional packers can create one for you.
    • Sort out your possessions and de-clutter – Once you’ve created your inventory list it’s time to sort things out and get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Make sure you only pack items that you really need.
    • Purchase packing supplies – In order to safely pack your belongings, find packing supplies such as boxes, tapes, labels, etc. However, if you hire professional packers and movers, you won’t have to worry about that, they’ll provide everything for you
    • Pack your essential box – You’ll probably be tired and would not prefer unpacking all your stuff after the move. You’ll definitely need your essentials at hand.

    Room-by-room packing hacks for a successful move

    Now that you got familiar with the general packing rules, it’s time to continue with room-by-room packing. Before you start packing decide which room to pack first. This is very important since you’ll be living at your current home until the relocation day comes, so make sure to pack first the things that are not essential for everyday life. Also, in order to avoid mess, try to make some space for packed boxes so they don’t occupy your living space. If you don’t know where to start from and what to pack first, follow these room-by-room packing hacks and make your relocation easier.

    Pack your storage rooms

    The garage, basement, the attic should be the first you pack since they are extremely difficult and boring rooms to organize. They also require a lot of de-cluttering. Deal with them first or else you’ll be exhausted from packing if you leave them the last. Carefully pack hazardous materials but before that, check with the moving company whether they are allowable for moving. Next, pack the equipment and power tools by detaching parts. It is good to use bubble wrap to protect them from damage during transportation. Equipment and hazardous materials are the most difficult to transport. In order to avoid damage, you should definitely hire professionals. Movers Brooklyn NY can help you with that.

    Pack your kitchen

    The kitchen is the next biggest room to be packed. It consists of large appliances, fragile items, and many other things such as dishes. Detailed organization is the core for successful kitchen packing so group items in different categories. Firstly, pack large kitchen appliances, then pots and pans. After that, pack dishes, glasses, bowls, and cutlery, and silverware. Use wrapping materials, packing paper, cushioned and sturdy boxes, etc. You can use crumpled paper to fill in the empty space between the dishes. Tape the boxes and mark them as fragile. Also, write handle with care and this side up/down.

    Pack your living room

    Labeled moving boxes
    The living room is the room that requires a lot of attention when packing

    The living room, although usually the largest room, is the easiest room to pack since most of the things are huge. Start from packing the furniture. Secure the furniture from damaging especially if there are glass doors. Try to remove them if possible and wrap them separately. After that, pack rugs, draperies, and curtains. Make sure to secure them from dirt also.

    Pack the bathroom

    Bathroom packing does not require a lot of time. It is very suitable for decluttering. Once you get rid of unnecessary toiletries, pack your essentials and set them aside until moving day. Then pack hazardous materials, flammable products and secure them with bubble wrap. Label them with caution. When it comes to liquids, put them in plastic wrap or zipper bags. When you are done with that, proceed with packing towels, bathroom curtains.

    Finally, room-by-room packing hacks for the bedroom

    Professional packers
    Hire professionals to help you with your move

    Last but not least– the bedroom. Although the bedroom is usually the last room to pack, you can pre-pack some things such as your wardrobe. Sort out clothes by season, size, or material. Only leave the clothes you know you are going to wear until moving. There are many packing supplies you can use from boxes, plastic bags, or luggage, just make sure that you carefully pack the most delicate clothes. Sometimes, people usually fully transport their wardrobe without removing the clothes, however, it is not recommendable for a long-distance move. When it comes to furniture, empty the drawers, remove the mattress and dismantle the bed.

    With the right moving company, packing doesn’t have to be exhausting

    Packing for a move is an arduous and time-consuming process, so develop your plan and start packing as soon as possible. If, despite all the planning and organization, packing feels overwhelming, consider hiring professional movers and packers NYC to help you and provide you with some room-by-room packing hacks. With our long experience and efficiency, we are fully at your disposal. You can be sure that we will handle the smallest details of your move, starting from supplying you with the packing materials to the relocation itself. Our movers and packers will complete every task in the fastest, safest, and most efficient way.

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