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Selecting Best Packing Boxes and Tapes When Moving House- Quick Tips

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Take this for a delightful (read: disastrous) scenario- you’re moving house, you’re packing, you packed your ridiculously expensive LED TV in a box, and just when carrying it down the stairs the box gives up, TV slides down the bottom and smashes into pieces.


So much for your plan of displaying your extravagant television at the new place oh-so-proudly.


When moving houses, among a host of challenges, packing your items is one of them. Accidents happen, things break and you end up with chunk of losses. These are unfortunate instances—and they are easily avoidable.


So, when relocating, here are few measures on how to save things from accidents and losses.



Invest in high quality packing boxes



Believe it, in terms of quality, there exists a lot more variety of packing boxes than you think. Unsurprisingly, the best ones cost the highest, while the poor quality boxes are the cheapest. Given, often, it’s just for the one-time purpose many people decide to go for the low-priced boxes. This, only to realize later, that it was a wrong decision. These poor grade boxes are rather thin with no proper support to the item packed inside. Plus, they are more prone to bad, damp weather, giving in very quickly.


So, to avoid any sorts of accidents, foremost measure is to invest in decent quality packing boxes. You don’t need to pick the costliest of ones. But even if you do, after use, you can get back a part of your money by reselling these boxes; there are online platforms that buy used boxes.



Be careful when picking tape for boxes



Even if you have bought the best and strong boxes, it isn’t sufficient unless you’ve invested in good tapes. Much like boxes, there exist many types of tapes in the market. Best options are shipping, masking, duct, and filament tapes. Each has their own distinct properties. Like duct tape is perfect for really heavy boxes; on the other hand, easy to peel, masking tape is good for boxes with lighter and urgent items.


So be careful when picking tape for boxes. When confused, you can always consult professional movers.



Let professionals handle packing of fragile items



There are few top moving companies in New York who extend their services even to packing. Some even offer free packing of fragile items. So if you don’t want to take chances and all the hassle of packing, look around carefully for such movers. With years of experience and having their own stock of quality boxes, these professionals vouch a right and quick packing of all your items.


These are 3 packing measures you can (and must) take to avoid any costly accidents when moving house. Good luck!


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