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A step-by-step guide to planning your NYC move

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    Any project depends on good planning. You can’t start something and hope to just improvise as you go along. Prepare steps that you will follow. That way, success is guaranteed. Let us share with you this guide to planning your NYC move and help you make your move complete and safe. Even if you have a lot of experience in moving, there are a few steps you should follow, and each one of them is in relation to a segment of a relocation. There is stuff like finding good local movers NYC, looking around the area you are supposed to move to, or for example, carefully planning your budget. Don’t be alarmed if you face any obstacles. We will explain to you how to do everything properly.

    Right movers are the first step in a guide to planning your NYC move

    If you can, ask your family to recommend you a good company. People often have relatives or family members who recently had to relocate, so they can give you a company name worth checking. Try asking your neighbors and friends as well. There is a big chance some of them had to use a moving companies services and they have some impressions they can share with you. Since you trust people around you, it would be natural to ask them for opinion.

    Someone has made a list on a white paper.
    Lists are often the first step of a guide to planning your NYC move.

    However, if you have no one who recently moved, you can always turn to the internet. Carefully research companies in NYC. There are many of them and it will take some time. Opt for the one that you find most affordable and that has lots of reliable reviews. Once you find out as much as you can about the top moving companies in NYC, pick one and begin with the relocation.

    Visit the area before moving

    A smart thing to do before you even contact residential movers NYC to schedule a moving date is to visit the place and see how it looks in reality, not just on pictures. Walk around the area, meet the neighbors and see for yourself. Maybe it’s not a place for you. Maybe it’s the perfect place for you. The best way to be sure is to see it for yourself.

    Often people make the mistake where they opt for a place without even visiting it. The problem is, even if there is something bad about it, you can’t know unless you go and see it yourself. So, try to visit the place before moving in, if it’s not too far away. It is also a good thing to do because that way you’ll be able to already start planning what will go where and why. Create a visual idea of where your furniture will be placed.

    Take care of your budget and don’t overspend during the guide to planning your NYC move

    A lot of people are taking a picture during a party.
    It’s always nice to organize a party for friends after they help you relocate.

    It’s really easy to overspend in NYC if not careful. So, this guide to planning your NYC move includes this as a really important step. Since things are more expensive than average anyway, try to save up as much as you can. If you think you can work with used moving supplies, or you find a DIY move to be a better option than calling movers, try it out. Saving up is a really important step. Once you check out how affordable they are, you will hire Upper West Side movers without a moment’s hesitation.

    Make the main list of moving tasks

    Sit down and make a list and stop worrying that you will forget something. If you do so, you will also get the opportunity to check off all to-do items that are a part of your move. Doing that as you go always feels amazing. If by any chance you have pets or children to think about, there is so much stuff to remember. A list will help you organize your thoughts as well as the relocation.

    Also, include the deadlines while making the list. That is really important since it gives you a picture of how much time you have. You need to prioritize stuff before you begin doing it, so schedule deadlines according to your priorities and use them as guidelines. Try to stick to any deadlines you make as much as you can. If you’re really into making lists, you should make an inventory as well. Make it for the stuff you are moving for insurance purposes. It will be really useful while you unpack, as well, since it will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

    Get professionals to clean your rugs and carpets

    If you plan to transport your rugs and carpets with long distance movers NYC, you should make sure they are properly clean. Every guide to planning your NYC move has this.

    A vacuum cleaner is on a red rug.
    Make sure you’ve cleaned all the rugs and carpets well before packing them.

    All the stuff that goes without cleaning for long periods of time should be cleaned before a move. That’s a perfect occasion. Let’s say a couch you own has a cover that can be removed. You should get that cover as well as other parts like pillows of the sofa to the cleaners for a proper wash. The same rule applies to your rugs (that depends on the material). You should also take care of drapes, shower curtains, and bed skirts. Don’t start life in a new home by bringing dirty and dusty fabrics into the new place. You really don’t need that so clean it all before you move.

    Ask friends to help you out

    Even if you decide to handle the move on your own, you’ll still need someone else as well to help you carry all the boxes out of your old place and into your new home. Hiring friends is not always a part of a guide to planning your NYC move. Don’t rely on your friends unless you are 100% sure they are committed to helping you. If the majority of your friends are working somewhere or having lectures, try to schedule the relocation for a weekend, when most of the people aren’t working. Think about what each friend will be doing before they arrive. Each one of them will have a certain role during the relocation.

    However, bear in mind that by hiring Manhattan movers with experience, you can avoid a lot of hardships and make your relocation plans smooth and time-effective.

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