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Storing wooden furniture – what should you know?

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    You may have various reasons for leaving your wooden furniture in storage (e.g. you are living overseas). In such a case, you can’t take it along but you would still prefer to keep it. And use it again after coming back. In such a case, using long-term storage is a good choice. On some occasions, you will have to store your furniture for shorter periods such as when renovating your home. Whatever your reason for storing wooden furniture, be sure to do it properly. Preparing some of your belongings for storage is not hard. It is enough to wrap them in the right way. And to put them in the appropriate moving boxes. However, this is not the case with your wooden furniture. Movers from storage Brooklyn NY can help you. Your wooden furniture will be properly protected in their safe, clean, and spacious storage units.

    Storing wooden furniture in a right way, so you preserved your antique table and other wooden furniture, now in the dining and living room.
    When storing wooden furniture properly, it will last for a long time.

    Wooden furniture requires special handling

    Wooden furniture requires special care. So, when you are putting it into storage, you have to be very careful. Before packing and storing it, make sure to inspect your wooden furniture thoroughly. And to give it proper cleaning and repair. Also, bear in mind that following these simple instructions will help you. Once you take your wooden furniture from storage, it will look like a new one. The secret of good prevention of the wooden furniture is in the wrapping, transporting, and safe storing.

    What can endanger your wooden furniture in the storage?

    Your furniture can be easily spoiled if you fail to clean it and seal the cracks on it. Also, the better you wrap your wooden furniture, the better it will be preserved. The main enemies of wooden furniture are molds and moisture. So, this is showing how important is to properly prepare your furniture for storage. With this in mind, let us see what steps you have to take to best preserve your wooden furniture.

    Disassembling wooden furniture

    People are wrapping the chair with bubble wrap.
    You have to prepare and pack your wooden furniture in a proper way.

    Disassembled wooden furniture is taking less space in the storage unit. Also, this is minimizing the chances of scratching or damaging it. When you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge for disassembling, get professional help. Moving companies in NYC area have skills, adequate tools, and experience. So, hiring them your wooden furniture will be safely prepared for storing.

    If you are disassembling furniture without help, be sure to collect all screws and other fixtures. Pack them in a plastic bag and always put them in the storing box, together with the belonging furniture.

    Clean and wax your wooden furniture properly

    Any dirt that remains on stored furniture may cause damages. Dirt will easily collect moisture. And moisture is an excellent basis for mold to develop and spread. So, clean, and properly dry all your wooden pieces. For better protection, it is good to add a wax layer. It will additionally protect the wood from mold, pests, moisture, wood-burrowing insects, etc.

    Furthermore, to avoid such problems, find a climate-controlled storage unit. They are more expensive than ordinary warehouses. However, your furniture will be safer in them. If your wooden furniture has some fabric parts, protect them properly. The best practice is to wipe the fabric with antibacterial solutions. Also, make sure that all furniture parts and properly dried before you pack them.

    Packing, wrapping, and labeling your furniture properly

    Wooden table surrounded with chairs.
    While packing, use a labeling system to easily determine the parts belonging to one furniture item or set.

    Now, your furniture is disassembled, cleaned, and dried. The next step is to wrap it properly. Well-applied wrapping will protect your wooden furniture from any damage. It will also keep your furniture safe inside the storage. For the best wrapping of your wooden furniture use:

    • Plastic wrap
    • Shrink-wrap
    • Packing tape
    • Waterproof marker

    When applying the packing tape over the plastic wrap, make sure it is not getting in contact with the wood. The tape is adhesive and can cause damage to the wood, once you are removing it. Or you can do it all much simpler. Contact the Clinton movers and have your wooden furniture stored properly. Besides having skilled packers who will help you, their storage is designed to withstand elements. And also to prevent the development of molds and pests. As well, be sure to label each wrapped piece. Use such a labeling system that will help you determine which parts are belonging to one furniture item.

    When storing wooden furniture, add some additional protection

    When moving your wooden furniture for storing, add additional protection. Furniture pads or blankets are good solutions. It is good to have such additional protection. When you are moving furniture, you can easily tear the plastic wraps. That way, the wooden surfaces will be exposed to damage.

    Additional wrapping is necessary when you are moving from NYC to NC. The plastic wrap can be torn easily during loading and unloading. The additional wrapping will remove such possibilities. Also, during transport, the furniture pieces can move, if they are not fixed properly. Such an additional protective layer will save them in such cases too.

    How to arrange your items inside the storage 

    Never put one piece of the furniture directly over another. Regardless of being wrapped properly, they can still get damaged. It is enough to have a screw or unremovable metal part sticking out. It can easily damage the second furniture piece. So, always take care to divide the wrapped furniture pieces. Putting some cushioning between them is a good idea. Also, take care to store belonging pieces together. So, it will be easier to access and reassemble them later on.

    Additional tips for safe storing

    By the way, wooden furniture never goes out of style. So, give it the proper care and enjoy it for a long time. Regular dusting, cleaning, waxing, and polishing will keep your wooden furniture always look shiny and new. When storing wooden furniture, be sure to do it in a proper way. Here are few tips on how to properly protect your furniture when storing it. In case you notice scratches on your furniture before storing it, don’t worry. You can always fix them. Use paste wax or a colored filler wax to repair them. Applying epoxy resin to wooden furniture is also very popular today. It will give wooden surfaces a new look and beautify. And at the same time repair any damage to your wooden furniture.

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