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Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – which wins in NYC?

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    Moving is usually an important thing in a person’s life. The relocation process usually represents a start of a new chapter in one’s life. Because of that, it is important that we know exactly what we want before we move. As this process has a high significance, you should spend time planning it before you decide to make it into a reality. However, one of the issues you might stumble upon is where should you live. Which one is better? Suburban home vs. downtown apartment? Luckily, today we are going to help you answer that question. Regardless of which option seems better, moving your household items with minimum risk is important. Therefore, you should consider hiring professional and experienced movers NYC to help you. Now, because both options have advantages and disadvantages, the choice will come to what you find more suitable for you.

    Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – Which one should you choose for living in NYC?

    As we were saying, what you end up wanting at the end will depend solely on you. Therefore, we will try to approach this objectively, while you can do it subjectively. Nonetheless, we will make it our mission today to bring forth both the ups and downsides of both types of homes. Now, whether you are moving from NYC to Boston, or the other way around, thinking about where you want to live is important.

    happy family deciding Suburban home vs. downtown apartment
    Both types of housing have their pros and cons, what matters is that you weigh them in before making your choice

    New York City is a big city. There are millions of people living in it. Naturally, we would have to find a way to set the criteria somehow. That way, you will be able to weigh in all the pros and cons of each type of living. However, regardless of the choice you make, the bright side is – you are living in New York City.

    Suburban homes – Pros and Cons

    Living in the suburbs is a much different feeling than living in the heart of the city. However, not every person will like the same things. Therefore, knowing both pros and cons of each option is very important for the choice you are going to make. Because you are moving, this step is huge. Furthermore, this means that you will most likely choose which lifestyle you want to lead more than which house you want to live in.

    • Pro: Suburban homes provide you with a tranquil lifestyle where you can easily avoid being in crowds of people
    • Pro: Living in the suburbs means having more neighborhoods to choose from when moving
    • Con: Suburbs can be pretty cut out from the rest of the city
    • Con: Living in the suburbs usually means having to commute, which might be hard in New York

    Downtown apartments – Pros and Cons

    Apartments are a convenient choice for those who are, for instance, out there chasing their career. Furthermore, they are good for those that seek education or are temporarily in the city. On the other hand, many people enjoy living near bustling city centers with people passing by constantly. So, if that might be you – before you contact movers Long Island, here are the pros and cons for downtown apartments:

    • Pro: Is close to the bustling city center and all of the happenings and events
    • Pro: Great for those that work, study, or conduct business in the nearby vicinity
    • Con: Constant noise, traffic jams, and crowds of people
    • Con: Living in a building with other people

    Suburban home vs. downtown apartment: Which one is better?

    As we were saying and as you could see, both of them have pros and cons. However, they all seem to provide much better conditions depending on what your lifestyle is like. So, for example, if you are someone who loves nature, going on outdoor adventures, then living in the city might not be for you. On the other hand, if you love going out in clubs, being close to the university, or work, living downtown might be for you.

    a picture of a suburban home close to the lake
    Suburban homes provide tranquility and peace while downtown apartments offer closeness to events and people in general

    Furthermore, if you are planning on starting a family, logically, you would want to move to the suburbs. If you are in a serious relationship and want to live with your partner, downtown apartments might be a good starting point. So, how do we choose between suburban home vs. downtown apartment? Simple, we talk more about them.

    The cost of the home matters

    Logically, the closer you are to the city center, the more expensive the home will be. Especially if you are living near places that are the focal points. New York City is full of activities that are mostly happening around the city, rather than on the outskirts of it. So, before you contact Astoria NY movers, make sure to know what you want to get from this relocation. Now, if you plan to live in the suburbs you should expect to have lower housing costs. Because suburbs are so remote from everything that goes on in the city, they will most likely be cheaper than apartments. So, ask yourself, what matters more to me? Being close to people and events or paying less for the house?

    The space difference

    There is a reason bachelors and bachelorettes are living in apartments while families tend to live in suburban homes. One of the main reasons for that is space. People with families require bigger space, a yard, and a couple of house levels. On the other hand, people that live alone, or with their partner, choose to live in smaller spaces. This might be one of the main differences when talking about suburban home vs. downtown apartment problems.

    a view of apartment balconies and windows
    Apartments generally have smaller space to live in, while homes have more space

    Downtown apartments tend to be smaller, yet cost more. However, suburban homes are more remote, have more space, and are cheaper. So, which one should you choose between a suburban home vs. downtown apartment? Honestly, whichever feels more home to you. Some people have lived their entire lives in apartments, others only in houses. As we were saying, these are the decisions only you will be able to make. We only help you come to the conclusion.

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