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Moving or Relocating To New Flats Is a Growing Trend Witnessed Today

Today, settling always doesn’t mean you have to stick to one place, city or even a locality or property. Due to personal or professional reasons, families and individuals are forced to move from here and there in short time spans. Choosing to relocate can be attributed to a wide array of factors, and not just…

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How to Stay Organized when Moving House? 12 Psychological Hacks [PART 2]

  When moving house, one of the biggest challenges is to keep yourself organized and prevent your personal and professional life from getting disarranged. READ- How to stay organized when moving house? 12 Psychological hacks [PART 1] Here are 6 other psychological hacks that will help you stay organized throughout the stress and hassle of…

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10 Key Takeaways from Unsuccessful House Moving

  Even with all the house moving tips and checklists available online, many people often end up making some rather silly mistakes. And while that’s as sad for them, for the rest, the mistakes bring a long list of takeaways to learn and understand from.   Are you moving your house soon? Too stressed out?…