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A Quick Last-Minute House Moving Checklist

While you may have managed to successfully tame your house moving anxieties for weeks, the last day will get the best of you. Period. The big day when you’re going to leave your dear-home for something new— you’ll be confused about nearly everything, lost in the whats and hows, drained physically, psychologically and emotionally.  …

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A Bachelor, Moving House and Minimalist Lifestyle— Living More With Less

“Eliminate the unnecessary”—it’s a happy mantra that few people live their life by.   At a time when materialism is taking a toll on our lives, the significance of minimalist lifestyle is notching higher by every passing day. And no, it doesn’t mean you fly to Himalayas, meditate indefinitely and spend your whole life in…

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Simple Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Problems By Hiring The Right Movers!

  Every year, customers come with so many problems regarding the moving companies they have hired. According to a report in Business Times, almost 9,000 complaints have been lodged by the customers. They have issued a warning saying con artists can also claim to be legitimate movers with a truck and a website. As a…