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Pack Up Your Kitchen Like A Pro: Best Movers In Brooklyn

Brooklyn movers agree that the kitchen is the hardest room to move, and will take the longest amount of time, compared to all other rooms in your home.  You need to have an abundance of packing material, and boxes of all sizes, to safely, and efficiently, pack the contents of a kitchen.   Packing your…

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The Stress of House Moving- Is It Time to See your Doctor?

In a poll, conducted recently, two-third of the participants voted house moving as the most stressful task that brings even more anxiety than breakups, divorce and new job. This revelation isn’t surprising by any means though. Relocating home is nothing short of changing your whole lifestyle. And needless to say, it’s stressful and full of…

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Moving Experts Reveal Their 7 Most Important House Moving Tips

The internet is cluttered with so (soooo….) many tips, tricks and even “hacks” to make house moving successful. Sadly, only a handful of them are really useful and makes sense, rests are fictitious and talk on hypothetical.     For ones moving house for the first time, going through these blogs and articles, and picking…