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How to Move (and Survive) in NYC When You Don’t Make As Much Its Set Living Wage?

  Minimum wage, by definition, is a high enough pay needed to maintain a normal standard of living. Given NYC is the most expensive place in the world, its living wage is naturally higher comparatively; it is $14.52 per hour-per adult, to be precise. And perhaps this is the biggest obstruction for self-employed people looking…

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House Moving with Pets – How to Make it Easier (and Happier) for them?

The challenges of moving house double if you have pets with you. These little, cute creatures need special attention and extra pampering during the strenuous days. And if not handled well, things could turn into a disaster real quick.     So if you have pets and you’re relocating soon, here’s how to make it…

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How to Stay Organized when Moving House? 12 Psychological Hacks [PART 1]

  There’s a reason why moving house tops everyone’s “the most stressful thing ever” list; or so multiple studies suggest. It is challenging and things will go wrong.   If you’re moving house, the foremost challenge for you would be to keep yourself organized. With everything that’s going on around (and in your mind), the…

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Short-notice House Moving in Tri-state area- Be smart to expect these 3 Problems

  Even after months of planning, house moving often can be full of challenges. So what do you expect when it’s a short notice move? Exactly, words can’t even describe! Or, a complete disaster, to say the least!     Emergency house moving lines-up a range of problems that no amount of preparation can be…

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Take Care of the Moving Woes during the Holiday Season with Expert Tips

  While your friends and neighbors are busy enjoying the holidays at home or are off to a trip, you are stuck with the moving woes. Relocation is a great deal of challenge, and if you are bound to do that during the holidays, everything seems to be in utter turmoil. The last minute cancellation…

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9 EASY Ways to Make Moving House Fun for Your Children

Least to say, moving houses is stressful. However, things are even worse for children, who are more clueless and lost than the parents. What will happen next, how will the things unfold, will it be good or bad, “would I like the new place or not”—a string of important questions circle their minds; and sad…

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10 Psychological Ways to Tame Your House Moving Anxiety

Not dating, not job interviews, and definitely not new marriages. Of all the things that ticks people’s anxiety and stress level to the top is moving houses. Or at least that is what so many surveys suggest.   Unless you have experienced it yourself, you wouldn’t know the emotional rollercoaster that relocating house really is….

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Background Checking Of a Moving Company of NYC Is Very Important Before Hiring

We have quite been acquainted with the ordeal and horror stories regarding the fraud and fake moving companies. This is probably the reason, why people still dread hiring them. Though there are a variety of reputed and reliable long distance movers NYC, one should definitely do a lot of background checking before hire one on…

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The Much Required Checklist While Moving In a Hurry to another Place

Relocation from one place to the other can notonly be time consuming, but requires a lot of effort in organizing and managing everything properly. What but if you have to go against the clock? Stress levels seem to go higher when you are forced to move in a hurry and hassle in bound to happen….