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House Moving Day: Should You Postpone the Date? (5 Reasons, YES!!!)

Changing your house is nothing short of changing your whole lifestyle. The decision is big-and strenuous, both physical and emotionally; so much so that majority of people consider house moving as the most stressful task (or that’s what multiple surveys suggest!) Given the magnitude of this decision, it is essential that you don’t rush into…

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How to Move In NYC with No Job and Limited Money? 8 Pro Tips

  So is the charm of NYC, millions across the world dream to live in this city. However, as costly as this place is, very few really manage to bring their dream into reality. There lays a host of challenges, right from financial constraints to lack of definite planning.   Are you thinking to move…

moving company in brooklyn

How to Move (and Survive) in NYC When You Don’t Make As Much Its Set Living Wage?

  Minimum wage, by definition, is a high enough pay needed to maintain a normal standard of living. Given NYC is the most expensive place in the world, its living wage is naturally higher comparatively; it is $14.52 per hour-per adult, to be precise. And perhaps this is the biggest obstruction for self-employed people looking…

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How Much Does it Cost to Move to New York City? Know about the Living Wage, other Expenses!

  The New York City living wage is $14.52 per hour-per adult, which, by standards, is far higher than many places in the world. So, as exciting as it is the decision to move to NYC, the fact is you’re entering in one of the most expensive cities in the world. And unless financially adept,…

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Don’t Let House Moving Stress Spoil Your Holiday Spirit- 6 Things to Do Immediately

  When festivity meets stress, the result is a disastrous holiday; or much like what you’re experiencing at the moment. In a week or two, you’re relocating to a different house. And the strain of doing everything has apparently overshadowed yours and your family’s holiday spirit.   While sure things might be looking down this…

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Couples Moving in Together- 5 Tips to Make Moving Day Less Stressful

  Two love birds, nesting together and with this idea the love-loaded tale begins. The idea of you living in together with that ‘someone special’ is very exciting and romantic to say the least. But while this whole thing might seem to be a pitch-perfect dreamy affair, there lays an obstacle before things starts off—the…

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The Tips to Follow While Hiring a Leading Moving Company for Your Relocation

Relocating becomes a hassle when you are clueless about how to pack everything and move them safely to the destination. But , one doesn’t need to worry if  a moving company can be hired which takes care of every little details , from packing to sending off the goods hassle free to the desired location. …