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“Cleaning Out My Closet” and House Before Moving-A Quick Guide

House moving is stressful in itself (even for the minimalists). And if you’re planning to pack and take EVERYTHING from your old house to the new place, expect a lot more challenges and difficulties-more so, if it’s a long distance move.     A sane idea is to be selective in what you’re going to…

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Don’t Let House Moving Stress Spoil Your Holiday Spirit- 6 Things to Do Immediately

  When festivity meets stress, the result is a disastrous holiday; or much like what you’re experiencing at the moment. In a week or two, you’re relocating to a different house. And the strain of doing everything has apparently overshadowed yours and your family’s holiday spirit.   While sure things might be looking down this…

Moving House–How to Make the Last Day at Your Old Home LESS SAD

  You can plan all you want – even months ahead – but when the big day of moving house comes, things could be quite unsettling, both physically and emotionally. So much to look after, so many things to coordinate, and then of course the inexplicable feeling of leaving a place where you and your…

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Heap Moving Service Provider in NYC

  Shifting to anew place is exciting, and also downright challenging. From the legal works to checking on the new place, and, of course, packing and moving, everything seems to be very daunting! If you have made up your mind to handle things single-handedly, it can be a very tiresome experience. Hence, instead of managing…

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4 Questions to Ask If You Are Hiring Long Distance Movers in Brooklyn!

  You often tend to make the mistake of not making few things clear before hiring packers and movers. Hence, it creates a lot of confusion at the end, be it with fees, insurance or moving supplies. Now that conversation with the movers can be done online, it is easier for you to clarify certain…