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What are the advantages of living in Astoria?

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    Making Astoria your new home is a good albeit challenging endeavor. However, with the help of moving companies in the NYC area, the relocation itself can be made much easier and simpler. Many consider Astoria as one of the best neighborhoods in Queens. It is, as well, a multicultural neighborhood. And in there, you will find mostly middle-class residents. Also, small businesses are dominating in this place. Lately, many young professionals have also been moving in. At the beginning of their careers, they can’t afford high rents, making Astoria an excellent solution for them. Recently, the demand for housing in Astoria has increased. Still, Astoria kept its family-friendly aura – there are a lot of small shops, taverns, and places for outdoor activities. Besides this, there are many other advantages of living in Astoria.

    Row of brick family houses with nicely maintained front yards are advantages of living in Astoria.
    A quiet neighborhood and affordable housing prices are advantages of living in Astoria.

    Advantages of living in Astoria, Queens

    This large northwestern part of Queens was named after millionaire merchant J.J. Astor. Although he eventually invested $500 in the area, he never actually set foot there. Astoria today is known as a home to art institutions. With cultural diversity, it also offers food diversity. The big part of the neighborhood is set alongside the East River. So, the residents have an attractive view of Manhattan’s skyline. The architecture is a mixture of old and new styles. Astoria has some very busy parts. However, it is generally a quiet, residential area. Here is an overview of the advantages you have when living in Astoria:

    You are close to Midtown Manhattan

    So, moving to Astoria, you have notices one thing. Using the subway is very convenient. By it, you need only a 20-minutes to reach Times Square. And, to reach Bronx or Harlem, you just have to cross the  Triborough Bridge.

    Real estate prices are reasonable

    Recently, there has been an increase in real estate prices in NY. This also applies to Astoria. However, in Astoria, the prices remained at a reasonable level. And local movers Queens NY have relocated you there at very affordable prices. So, you can now enjoy yourself in your new place. And in the quiet surroundings of Astoria.

    Astoria has excellent food choices

    Traditionally, Astoria was famous for Greek food. And, it has gained a reputation as a place with an excellent food selection. Also, there are many Italian restaurants there. And also, you can enjoy the specialties of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, and Algeria. Most of their restaurants you can find along Steinway Street. So, living in Astoria, you now have time to go around. And try many exotic dishes. Also, the prices are very affordable.

    Astoria Park

    The Park is set alongside the banks of the East River. So, it has a stunning view of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Aside from offering stunning views, the park is an excellent place for a nice walk. Or other outdoor activities. You can go biking. Also, there is the riverside Astoria Pool. It attracts many residents during the summer.

    Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

    A spacious place in the Museum of Moving Images, with tables and chairs. A man sitting, looking through glass wall at trees outside.
    For many, the Museum of the Moving Image is the finest museum in New York City.

    This is one of the famous Astoria attractions. The place is especially attractive on Sundays.  That time, it turns into an urban oasis. The families are seating around the picnic tables, under shady trees. There they listen to live folk music. And they enjoy in platters of hearty Czech food. And pitchers of icy beer.

    The Noguchi Museum

    This famous museum consists of 27,000 square feet. It has galleries on two levels. It also has an outside part. That part is used as an expo area for garden sculptures. The museum was founded by artist Isamu Noguchi. Many artists are using this place for their works.

    Socrates Sculpture Park

    In the 1980s, an abandoned landfill was turned, by artists, into an exhibition place. This open exhibition area grew into an internationally renowned outdoor museum. Today is known as Socrates Sculpture Park. The park is always open to visitors. So, you can enjoy it any time you want. Besides interesting sculptures, the park offers music and dance performances. And also the movie screenings, yoga practice, and many other events.

    Museum of the Moving Image

    Many consider it the finest museum in New York City. Museum of the Moving Image is attractive to many. Children, adults, and especially movie lovers enjoy visiting it. This is a unique place in the USA. It is fully dedicated to technology, art, and digital media. And it has the largest collection of moving-image artifacts in the US.

    So, discovering these many things about Astoria, you see how fortunate you are. With help of Astoria NY movers, you come to his quiet NY corner. And you can continue exploring it. Since there are so many places to see in this nice place. And many things to try.

    Other hidden gems you can find in Astoria, NY

    An out of rush our scene from the subway, with a train approaching and a man slowly walking.
    Using the subway, you need just a 20-minutes to reach Times Square.

    There are a few other, hidden gems in Astoria NY. And now, living in Astoria, you can easily visit them.

    • Best Market
    • Villa Brazil Café Grill
    • Mar’s
    • El Rey Del Taco II
    • Koliba
    • Vintage
    • St. James Deli
    • Arepas Cafe
    • Kondo
    • Bonchon
    • Ornella Trattoria Italiana
    • Fatty’s Café

    What are the transportations advantages when you are living in Astoria?

    Astoria has excellent connections with the rest of NYC. Using the W and N subways, you can easily reach Midtown Manhattan. There is a regular ferry line for passengers going to Roosevelt Island. Also, there are several ferries frequently bringing passengers to Brooklyn and Manhattan. And, you can easily reach LaGuardia airport. It will take you just a few minutes by bus (the M60 bus). Therefore, a lot of Astoria residents are not using cars. And moreover, when using a car, you will end up in traffic jams. And will have trouble finding a parking lot. So, using public transport is a convenient solution.

    Schools in Astoria, NY

    You have just moved to Astoria with help of movers Queens? And you have to find a school for your kids. Well, you will easily find a good one. And also a preschool for your younger kids. In Astoria, you can choose between many public and private schools. All of them are good. So, whatever one you choose, your kids will have a good education. Also, they can easily attend schools in the surrounding neighborhoods.

    What’s living in Astoria, NY looks like?

    From the above, we can see many of the advantages of living in Astoria. So, let us learn a bit more about it. The Astoria NY itself is further divided into smaller neighborhoods. These sub-neighborhoods are:

    • Ravenswood – is a primarily commercial area
    • Ditmars-Steinway – which is a popular spot for young professionals
    • Astoria Heights –  this is the residential area of detached houses

    So, the real estate in Astoria is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. There are available brick apartment buildings, single-family houses, and townhouses. However, in recent years Astoria has begun to develop rapidly. This led to the increased construction of thousands of luxury apartments. However, the old residents are afraid that this could change the neighborhood.  So, for those who would like to learn some more about Astoria, we recommend guides to NYC Astoria. Few more things that we can say about this interesting part of NYC is – it has excellent transportation and walkability. And many places to spend and enjoy the free time. But first of all, it has a calm atmosphere and affordable and decent living conditions.

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