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The Stress of House Moving- Is It Time to See your Doctor?

In a poll, conducted recently, two-third of the participants voted house moving as the most stressful task that brings even more anxiety than breakups, divorce and new job. This revelation isn’t surprising by any means though. Relocating home is nothing short of changing your whole lifestyle. And needless to say, it’s stressful and full of challenges.


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So if you’re moving house soon, it’s quite common that you’re strained, both emotionally and physically. However, the problem comes when you cross a threshold level and enter the “red zone”- when you start obsessing your worries and it eventually starts affecting your health. At times like these, it is important that you dial your doctor immediately before things go out of hand.


To be more precise, here are 7 times when your house moving stress is crossing that threshold level and you should contact your doctor right away-


1.You have lost your appetite


When stressed out, people often forget to eat. Or they simply don’t want to eat because “I don’t feel like eating”. While this is sometimes okay, other times the problem is much more than what meet the eyes. Skipping meals for long can have serious health repercussions. So if you have lost your appetite, seek doctor’s help.


2.You have become a night owl


The worries of packing, finding a good Brooklyn moving service provider, adjusting in the new place and more-all these are giving you sleepless nights. The stress has taken over your life and you have become a night owl. Even when tired and willing to sleep, you just can’t seem to lull yourself into a peaceful nap. Call a doctor!!!


3.You’re feeling weak


When not eating, you’ll definitely feel weak. However, even if you’re having a mouthful every day, you’re feeling weaker and exhausted. Understand, if this is the case, the stress is getting the best of you and that you need medical attention quickly.


4.You’re always on the edge


Stress, often, transcends into anger quickly and very easily. If you’ve been edgy as of late, losing your cool every other minute and on everyone, for no real reason really, you need to immediately tame your anxiety and calm yourself down. And for that you need help from your doctor (or counselor).


5.You’re experiencing headache round the clock


This isn’t the kind of headache that your regular pain relief pills can help you with. With stress toying with your head, the ache stays round the clock and you feel even more tired, groggy and out of life. So don’t take these persisting house moving-headaches lightly; they can worsen your health if left unchecked. Get medical treatment.


These are 5 signs that the stress of house-moving is getting the best of you and your health and that you should see a doctor immediately.


Remember, one of the biggest ingredients of successful house moving is healthy-you. So take care of yourself. Sleep sufficiently, eat healthy, exercise, and have a reliable Moving Brooklyn NY based company by your side to tame your stress.


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