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Tips for storing mattresses long term

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    Everybody wants to enjoy a good night’s sleep. That is why we choose to invest our money in a good mattress. It is not easy to find a good and comfortable mattress that will serve us for more than five years. So, when we finally find the right one, we want to keep it in a good condition. But what happens when we want to relocate and we need to store it long-term? We know how storage is important when moving, so if you want safe, clean, and capacious moving, you should definitely consider hiring one of the finer moving companies in NYC area to keep your belongings safe and clean. You can always rely on our professionals to help you choose the right storage plan for you. Before you start your relocation, here are a few tips on storing mattresses long term.

    The importance of storing mattresses properly

    Since the right mattress is quite expensive, it is essential to store it properly if it is not going to be used for a long time. However, you know that if you don’t use something for a long time, it can be easily damaged or it can get dirty. So long-term storage can damage your mattress if it is not stored according to certain rules. Proper mattress storage will prolong its usage. It can also prevent your mattress from odors, mildew, or mold. Also, it is very important to store your mattress properly so it retains its shape.

    Tips for storing mattresses long term

    A mattress without bedding
    Prepare your mattress before storing it long-term

    No matter what type of mattress you are storing, whether it is a regular one or a memory foam mattress, proper storage is essential to prevent it from damaging. Storing mattresses long-term will definitely expand their longevity and comfort. Improperly stored, your mattresses can become uncomfortable and knobbly. So in order to properly store them long term follow these easy tips for storing mattresses long term:

    • Remove the bedding
    • Clean your mattresses thoroughly
    • Wrap the mattress securely
    • Keep your mattress in a flat position
    • Don’t put anything on the mattress itself
    • Find a place for storing your mattresses long-term
    • Transport your mattress to a storage unit using professional services

    Clean your mattresses thoroughly

    Before you start preparing your mattress for storage it’s necessary to remove the bedding from it. The first step towards good mattress storage is to prepare it by cleaning it thoroughly. There are many ways on how to clean your mattress, however, the easiest way is to vacuum it with the upholstery attachment. If your mattress has any spots you can treat them with baking soda or some mild detergent. Baking soda will absorb odors. After the cleaning, let it dry. If you are not sure whether you should clean it yourself, you can always call professional cleaners to do that for you, just let them know that it is supposed to be cleaned for storage.

    Wrap the mattress securely

    Before moving your mattress into the storage unit you should secure it from mildew and mold. Thoroughly wrap it in a mattress storage bag securing it with packing tape. The mattress should be completely wrapped to prevent dust from getting into its fibers. If you are storing your mattress long-term, consider buying professional mattress bags with no holes. You can purchase them or let the moving company provide them to you. For example, Clinton movers can ensure the safety of your belongings during transport and storage.

    Keep your mattress in a flat position

    For example, if you are moving from NYC to NC, it’s recommendable to keep your mattress flat. This way you prevent it from losing its natural shape. So, if you want to keep it in a good shape, it’s essential to mimic its natural position by putting it into a flat position. You should never store it on its side or upright for a long-term period. Also, do not lay your mattress directly on the ground if it is not securely wrapped. Instead, try putting it onto its bed frame.

    Don’t put anything on the mattress itself

    Prepare your mattress for storing long term
    Do not put anything on the mattress in order to keep it in a natural shape

    It’s very important that you never put anything on your mattress at no circumstance. Heavy things can damage both the fiber and the strings of your mattress. This way you prevent your mattress from wear and tear as well as losing its natural shape. If you need some space, it is better to put the mattress on the boxes rather than putting boxes on the mattress.

    Find the place for storing mattresses long term

    Many people are accustomed to storing items in their basements. However, they are not aware of all the problems that may occur if they are storing their belongings in an uncontrolled space where the moisture and temperature change constantly. The main concern when storing your belongings long-term should be the temperature of the storage space. So, in order to make sure your mattress is not going to be damaged due to moisture or mildew, you should find the right storage unit. Storage Brooklyn NY may be the perfect solution.

    Transport your mattress to a storage unit using professional services

    professional movers
    Hire professional movers to help you store your mattress long term

    Instead of tying your mattress down on the top of your car, it is always good to hire professionals to transport your mattress to a storage unit. You should know that tying it to your car is very risky for both you and other drivers, so ask the movers to transport it in a covered moving truck to avoid any potential damages.

    Contact TB Moving and Storage if you need secure and affordable storage space

    In case you want to store your mattress long term, you can place it in our storage unit. You can be sure that we will keep your mattress safe from any damages as long as it’s necessary. Our storage is designed to provide full protection of your belongings. With our 24-hour surveillance, you have a precise account of what is happening with your belongings at any time. Contact us to find out what is the best solution for storing mattresses long term.

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