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What Items to Move First When Moving House?

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The stress, the hassle of house moving is unlike anything. And if you’re soon relocating to a different apartment, you likely share a mutual feeling.


While there are ways to successfully tame your house moving anxiety, on the technical end, there are very few things you can really do. Planning, packing, repacking (some of the fragile items) and then transferring the items— the process is rather straightforward, but, of course, with number of uncertainties lying on the path.


One of the most common questions people ask is what to move first when moving?


Fragile and expensive items deserve your foremost attention


This goes on without saying that fragile and expensive items should have the most of your attention when packing and moving. And that they should be the first items to be moved out and lodged on the vehicles.


So instead of spending time on petty things like wall paintings, dishes and mattresses, save it for your new LED TV, glass-made furniture, and those ridiculously expensive pendant lights. Pack them well, repack them, if necessary, and do a final inspection.


Today, top moving companies also offer packing services of fragile items; few of them offer it at FREE of charge. So if uncertain of your skills, you should definitely go for professional help for maximum security and assurance.


Next, take care of hefty items


Moving those giant king size beds, cupboards, dishwashers, wall-mounted cabinets is the real pain. Now that you have taken care of those brittle, costly items, time to focus on the hefty ones. While most of them can do without any packing, if it’s a long-distance move, you should however try on them a decent wrapping.


Again, carrying them (loading/unloading) can be a challenge—more so, if you live in a high-rise apartment. So rely on professional movers help you through.


Now, time to take care of those small, personal, left items like apparels, home decors, dishes, your kids’ toys and more. Don’t spend too much of your time packing them. Use big boxes and stash them together properly.


Still confused?


So, what to move first when moving? Just categorize your belongings into 3 groups- Expensive and fragile, big and hefty, and the less important items. Prioritize and care for them accordingly.


If still confused, you should consult a good and experienced moving company for further assistance.


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