What to do with leftover packing materials in NYC?

What to do with leftover packing materials in NYC?

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    When planning to move, most people are spending time getting packing materials. The whole moving process is demanding. It takes a lot of dedication and mental and physical strength. So, no wonder that you feel quite drained out once the moving day is over. However, before you can relax and rest, there is one more issue to solve. What to do with the leftover packing materials in NYC? There are various ways to handle such leftovers. But you don’t need to make a decision immediately. In that case, you can use the short-term storage NYC to keep them. That will give you time to rest and decide with to do with leftovers.

    How to get rid of the leftover packing materials in NYC?

    Soon you finish with unpacking, you will be left with piles of packing material. First, sort them. Put moving boxes at one side, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts to another. Check-in which condition materials are. Those who are still good and well-preserved you can reuse. In case they are damaged, throw them away. But keep in mind that recycling is required by law in NYC. Therefore, avoid throwing your leftover supplies into a dumpster. The better solution is to call professional moving companies NYC. They will be able to remove the leftovers for you. Or to give you advice on how to get rid of leftovers yourself.

    A house with some leftover packing materials in NYC.
    What to do with the leftover packing materials in NYC?

    You can find a new purpose for your leftover packing materials

    The packing material that is still in good condition, you can always reuse. Or find some other purposes for them. Especially if you were using the cardboard boxes. So, here are some ideas on what to do with the leftover packing material.

    Use the leftover cardboard boxes to store some of your items

    If you have a garage, attic, or basement in your new home, you can use it as a home storage place. In such a case, the well-preserved cardboard boxes are excellent for storing. You can use different boxes for different items. Also, labeling them and writing with is in the box can help. This way you can organize an excellent home storage unit. It will be neat, and your belongings safe. Also, you can easily find any item reading the box labels.

    Also, maybe you don’t have enough place in your new home. So, you can use cardboard boxes to pack the least used items. Such boxes you can place in the rented storage units.

    Save the boxes and other packing materials for your next move

    Maybe you will have to move again. And if you expect it to happen in the near future, it is good to save the moving boxes. Also, save the other packing material which is in good condition. That way, you will have to spend less on your moving budget. And even more, if you are doing the packing yourself. In well-packed cardboard moving boxes, that are in good condition, your belongings are safe for hauling. So, every moving company, including commercial movers Brooklyn, will accept to transport them.

    Hands are wrapping items in the paper sheets and putting them into cardboard boxes.
    Reusing the leftover material to pack some possessions for storage.

    Sell your leftover packing materials

    If you plan to stay at your new location for a longer time, it is best to get rid of moving supplies. You can use platforms like eBay to sell them. The moving industry is expanding lately. So, there is quite high demand for moving boxes. You can earn up to $2 per box. This way, you can reimburse part of your moving budget. You can also sell the other packing materials, as packing peanuts, and wrapping bubble sheets.

    Donate surplus packing materials or bring them to a recycling center

    You may decide to donate the leftover packing supplies. Or to simply bring the, for recycling. As NYC is an eco-friendly city, there are various places where you can hand over your surplus packing materials. If you are among eco-friendly and environment-conscious persons, you will probably opt for this solution. In this case, before bringing the leftover to recycling centers, separate them to:

    • Cardboard moving boxes
    • Wrapping paper and plastic bubble wrapping sheets
    • Packing Styrofoam peanuts

    Renting plastic and reusable moving boxes

    Some moving companies have the option of renting plastic and reusable moving boxes. Which is pretty great. Then, you don’t have a problem with what to do after unpacking. You can just make an agreement with interstate movers NYC to transport the moving boxes back to your original moving company. This way, you will have to deal just with some bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. Which is not so bid deal.

    A small girl standing on the stool is painting the DIY cardboard doll house in her room.
    Use the leftover packing materials for creative purposes or DIY projects.

    Use the leftover packing materials for creative purposes or DIY projects

    You can also reuse the leftover packing material. And you can reuse them all. Making DIY projects can be an excellent idea. You can explore your creativity and make some useful things for a household. With cardboard boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, wrapping bubble sheets, and some glue and decorative ribbons, you can also make nice presents.

    You can also make kind of decorative workshops with your children. Be sure, they will enjoy this activity very much. Such leftover materials you can use to make Christmas decorations too. There are many ideas on how to DIY repurpose cardboard boxes. So, just go ahead. Explore, try. And have fun making some nice, unique items. This can also help you to discover some talents you didn’t know you have. So, you can even start selling your DIY creations using online platforms.

    Ways to use the leftover packing supplies in NYC

    We hope we could help you with the above tips. You should now decide what way for using the leftover packing materials in NYC works best for you. We found few ways to use and reuse your moving cardboard boxes:

    • Keep them for your next move
    • Use them to store your things in the house storage
    • Keep your items in them when renting the storage units with local movers NYC
    • Use them for creative DIY workshops
    • Sell them and earn some money

    This overview may give you some additional ideas. You can find some other useful and creative use for your leftover packing materials in NYC. If so, we are happy that we could help by giving some initial ideas.

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