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When Moving House- 7 Times you should stop, think (and freak!) | TB Moving

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When Moving House- 7 Times you should stop, think (and freak!)

House moving is tough. Period. If this is your first time, you might have only guessed it by now, there will a host of challenges lying ahead on your path. And even when best prepared for it (or at least that’s what you think), things might end up in a mess; in your personal and professional life, as well as during the whole moving process.


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During the planning, packing, contacting professionals and the actual moving stages, here are 7 instances that should make you stop, think and freak out-


1.Your movers aren’t certified


One of the biggest mistakes people make is overlooking the fact whether their hired movers are certified or not. Needless to say, the ones not qualified with the right certification lack the required skill and experience for a successful house moving. So if you have ended up with a moving company that doesn’t highlight their certificate oh-so-proudly, freak out. Forward, look for professional, best affordable movers NYC based who are qualified, renowned and reputed.


2.Your packing boxes are of poor quality


There are many different types and varieties of packing boxes; and that, not just in terms of size but also the quality. Unsurprisingly, the cheap priced boxes lack the strength and properties to deal with bad weather; they are flimsy that gives in quickly with heavy items. If not careful, these poor quality boxes can cost you hundreds and thousands. Maybe you’re carrying your new and expensive LED in one of these boxes and on the way, the TV slides down and cracks into pieces. So much for your happy house moving! So if you have bought downgrade packing boxes, stop right away, think and freak out. Head to the market and invest in the right quality boxes.


3.You’re paying for self-storage facility


While, right now, it might not necessarily look like it would, often the need for self-storage facility when moving house is imperative. Maybe your landowner wants you to vacate your place very soon; maybe the bad weather has halted your moving plans. In any case and more, you will need temporary storage facility. Should you know, you don’t have to pay for this temp space. So, if you’re actually paying – and that too, very high – you should freak out right away. Today, some of the top moving companies also offer free storage facility for up to one month. Look for such (certified) company and bank on this service.


4.There are moving fees that you didn’t know about initially


Many moving companies have a rather complex pricing system. And if you’re not smart enough, chances are you’ll end up paying much higher than what you really should. These professionals might charge you many additional and hidden fees on top of their flat rate. So if you’re not sure about the total amount you are to pay your hired professionals, ask them. And if you learn about charges and fees that you didn’t know about initially, freak! Then move on to a good moving company; the one whose pricing is flat and doesn’t have any hidden fee.


5.You’re skipping your breakfast


Amid the hassle of house moving – and trust us, there’s a lot – it is very common to neglect your own health. One of the evident signs is you’re skipping your meals; the breakfast, in particular. You’re not starting your day with the right and sufficient food, this keeps you dull the whole day, often giving you headaches and keeping you edgy. And this adversely impacts your health. So stop and think- Are you missing your breakfast every day? If yes, freak out and have healthy meal from tomorrow.


6.You are not sleeping sufficiently


Another adverse affect of house moving is over-stress, which transcends into lack of sleep and distorting health condition. Sadly, while as bad as this really is, it is quite common. With everything to handle about moving, and then your own personal and professional life, you would often cross that threshold mark of stress. You would sleep less. And feel groggy, irritated and weak every day. So if you haven’t got a sufficient sleep in long, (for the time being) freak! Then, lull yourself every night to a peaceful and much-needed sleep.


7.You’re not giving time to your kids and pets (and yourself)


You used to spend hours with your kids, pets and by yourself before. But now, with house moving day marching close, you’re failing to give your time to anyone. You’ve secluded yourself; living just with your tension and stress. If that’s the case, freak your eyes out. And tell yourself to mingle with your kids, pets, family and colleagues from tomorrow. Believe it, keeping you busy, this will take away a big chunk of your stress.


These are 7 instances that, if you’re moving house and can relate to them, should make you stop, think and freak out. Admittedly, relocating to a new house – whether to a new city or right in the next neighborhood – is going to be challenging, even with top local and long distance movers Manhattan based by your side .This, however, doesn’t mean it should be disastrous and costly. Avoid the common mistakes, take well care of yourself and just relax. It’s going to be a smooth and successful house moving.


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