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Why you should never move on your own

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    Moving is a huge undertaking and can be quite nerve-wracking. You need to have enough time to prepare everything for the moving day, making sure that you properly protect it. That can drain you of both your time and energy, and you are risking getting injured in the process. Furthermore, doing the move yourself might be very tempting due to the potential savings. However, not everything is as easy as it looks in the various online materials. Now, we are going to list all of the reasons why you should never move on your own.

    Never move on your own when you are too tired
    Never move on your own, especially if you have just come from work

    You might not be in the mood to move

    When you come home after a long day of work, packing and carrying boxes is the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is wind down and get some rest. Could you imagine having a 5-minute break only to leave the house afterward to buy moving boxes? Getting yourself up to the task of moving is too taxing after a hard day of work. Due to this fact, it is easy to see that this could ultimately lead to procrastination. 

    Moving by yourself is not as cost-effective as you might’ve taught

    So, you have found out what is the material that you need in order to do the move by yourself. You are searching the internet for dependable cardboard boxes, special boxes for dishes, and tape guns. After adding all of them up in your online cart, you notice that the price is quite high. Unless you have already moved before, you have to pay a substantial amount of money for the move. Most reliable moving companies have moving boxes already available for sale, on their own or as part of their full-service.

    Comparable to car repairs, you think that you are going to save money by doing the work yourself and buying parts. However, you end up spending a lot of your money on tools and other required stuff. On top of that, if you really don’t know what you are doing, you can even cause damage to it.

    You might not know how to properly pack your belongings

    It is one thing to use our items, and another to pack them properly. Stacking your items in a way that completely fills up the place in the truck is a bit tricky. If you make one small stacking mistake, it can make all of your boxes come down like dominoes. This is no good news for your fragile and sensitive items like your display monitor or set of china. Making arrangements with professional local movers in Queens NY, is a good way to mitigate this. 

    A mover holding a box
    Let professionals pack your items up safely and professionally

    After you have packed all of your items, you left to move them in the truck. We have discussed stacking, but a lot of things can happen along the way to the truck. You might get stuck in a hallway with your furniture item in hand. Moreover, it is easy to sprain your muscles or hurt your back when trying to move some of the heavier items.

    Therefore, if you are really keen on moving without hiring professionals, at least do not do the move alone. If you lack the proper technique, you could get crushed or knocked off balance in a really bad moment. This might leave you seriously injured. Even if you are strong enough to do the lifting, eventually you will tire out. Once you are tired, a lot of bad things can happen to both you and your items.

    Never move on your own without proper insurance

    Dealing with cumbersome items might damage other ones along the way. Just imagine hitting a chandelier when you are carrying your bed or sofa because you were not able to see it. Now you have lost money instead of saving it. A licensed and insured moving company like TB Moving & Storage would be able to cover that expense. What’s even more likely is that it would never even happen.

    It is reasonable to expect that you will break some things during the move. What increases the odds of stuff breaking is the moving distance. Just imagine having your belongings travel for hundreds of miles, just to discover that everything is broken upon delivery. By making arrangements with interstate movers NYC, you will reduce the likelihood of this happening by a large margin.

    Another potential problem that you may encounter is that some items cannot fit through your doorway. If you invite someone that is known to be impatient, things can be a bit messy. Just imagine someone eagerly wanting to take your sofa through the doorway, which was originally brought in through the window. This can cause a lot of damage to the furniture, doorway, and even the walls. If you are moving from a rental, or have sold the property, this leaves you with a lot of frustration. Now you have to take care of renovating the place or, even worse, renovate it once again.

    Driving to the new location instead of enjoying the journey

    Movers loading up a truck
    Let professionals handle your move instead of breaking your back.

    If you have wanted to explore other parts of the United States, doing the move yourself will surely ruin this experience. You are sore from the move because you have loaded the truck by yourself, and are now driving it for several hours. The fuel costs are also pilling up as you have burnt up more fuel than you have anticipated. Instead, you could have been in your car, driving carelessly and excitedly to your new home, enjoying the journey.

    Once you arrive at the destination, you would have to do the unloading, which is as strenuous as the loading of your truck. If you do not have the right dollies and other equipment, you are in for a treat.

    Make the right call

    Considering all of the things mentioned above, it is safe to say that you should never move on your own. Instead, you should let moving professionals take care of the loading/unloading, transportation, and packing of your stuff. This is the best way to save you the time and money you could be spending on more important things. Let the pros do their job, and enjoy spending time with your friends and family.

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